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Green Clean Go

The “Green Clean Go” Company is located in Seattle, Washington.

Beaver Traveler

The Beaver Traveler Company is based in Seattle, Washington.


Bottomline is a social media company that specializes in promotion on Facebook and Instagram.

Extreme Adventures

Extreme Adventure company organizes Rope Jumping (Bungee Jumping) events. This company was founded in 2006 in a European country, Ukraine.


MT-14 company is located in Seattle, Washington. They provide IT services for small and medium businesses.

Oahu Blue Wave

Oahu Blue Wave is an online store of handmade jewelry, accessories and bracelets for people who like active sports, surfing and adventure.


Georgian cuisine restaurant in Seattle.


A project to build tree houses for the creative and art community.

Art Installation Cocoonap

In 2019, the Artmisto team created the Cocoonap art installation for the Burning Man, this event was in the Nevada desert.

Slackline Community

Slackline community from Seattle, Washington who promote and practice this sport.

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